Types of Porcelain Veneers in Florence, SC

Here at the Advanced Dental Center of Florence our staff is happy to offer you the top-of-the-line veneers we know you deserve. Our cosmetic dentists proudly work with two types of veneers; Empress veneers and Lumineers. Let us give you a little more information on each.

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Empress Veneers

Empress veneers are made of a different type of a different type of ceramic than many veneers are. This type of ceramic is called pressed porcelain ceramic. The advantages of the pressed ceramic porcelain that comes in Empress veneers is that they are usually much stronger than other types of veneers. Empress veneers have a slightly thicker constitution and thus, very little tooth preparation or drilling is required. Empress veneers offer a broad range of tooth-colored shades, layering porcelains, and glass-ceramic ingots. Empress veneers are highly esthetic and are perfect for both single and multi-tooth restorations. The homogenous material Empress veneers are made of possesses the amazing ability to scatter light across the tooth naturally. This gives the resulting restorations made with Empress veneers a balanced, chameleon-like effect.

Empress veneers are available in a total of seven levels of translucency which are distributed among twelve glass-ceramic ingots. These slightly shaded ingots are available in six shades.

The Overall Advantages of Empress Veneers

  • Flexural strength
  • Excellent accuracy of fit
  • Phenomenal press results
  • Natural looking light scattering effects
  • Natural tooth color shades available


Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneer that boast thirty years of experience and an incredibly thin constitution. Lumineers are about as this as the contact lenses people wear in their eyes. On top of this Lumineers can be applied to your teeth seamlessly in only two short visits with our dentists here at The Advanced Dental Center of Florence. This is because the application of Lumineers is minimally invasive and typically does not call for the use of shots or temporaries. Lumineers offer patients flawless results with very little natural tooth enamel needing removal for their successful application. This had made them one of the top requested brands of veneers in the dental field and Dr. Griffin and his fellow associates are proud to offer them here at our office.

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