Why Choosing the Right Provider is Important

Porcelain veneer One of the many benefits of dental veneers is that they brighten your smile if you have discolored teeth. They restore the cosmetic beauty of your smile, so you can smile with charm. Porcelain veneers can turn your misshapen coffee-stained smile into beaming white perfection.

Unfortunately, if you go to an inexperienced dentist or incompetent laboratory, your smile might turn into a frown. This is Dr. Joe Griffin at Advanced Dental Center of Florence. Today, we’d like to talk about why it’s important to shop around for an experienced veneer provider, so you don’t end up with a smile you regret.

Knowing the Process

Veneers are becoming more and more popular. In fact, about twice as many veneers are being performed today in comparison to the late 1990s. While the majority of veneer treatments are successful, some patients aren’t so lucky.

Porcelain veneers are irrevocable. Once your dentist grinds down your tooth structure to apply the veneer, there’s no turning back. Most people don’t realize that before a veneer can be fitted, your dentist has to grind away your enamel.

Some veneers are too perfect. They end up being so square and white that they look unnatural. If you don’t want to blind everyone you have an encounter with, we suggest finding a provider who has a lab that knows how to build natural looking veneers. Some incompetent labs think that the white the veneer, the more beautiful it will be. In actuality, veneers should be somewhat transparent, so that they can refract light like a real tooth. Not to mention, veneers that are too white can be abrasive.

During the veneer process, about 30% of the tooth’s structure is ground away. This process has to take place so that it will look natural with a porcelain veneer. This requires your dentist to have experience, skill and a keen eye for detail.

Why Experience Matters

If your dentist isn’t experienced, this is where your veneer could fail. When too much enamel is removed, it makes it hard for the veneer to stay cemented to your tooth. One patient came into our office with a failed veneer. We didn’t place her veneer. She had it done in a different town.

It was a horror story, her veneer from her front tooth fell out during a business lunch, because her previous dentist filed her enamel too far down. She had to go back out and finish the lunch with the majority of her front tooth missing. We were able to fix her situation, it just required diligence.

Another common reason that veneers fail is that the dentist doesn’t grind enough enamel away. This will cause you veneer to come out looking too bulky. They will protrude out of your natural smile, and just feel all around uncomfortable. Bulky veneers are also more likely to fracture, because you’ll have to put more bite pressure.

In some cases, the dentist will make the veneer too long, which can hinder your ability to enunciate when you speak. Your tongue gets stuck behind your top teeth, which makes it difficult to pronounce “m”, “s”, and “th”. A competent dentist will have you perform some kind of speaking test while fitting you with your temporary veneer.

Another problem with veneers that extend too far down is that it can cause your veneer to crack if you’re a teeth grinder at night. In fact, whether your veneer is properly made of not, it will be more likely to fail if you have a grinding habit. With that being said, your dentist should talk to you about night guards if you decide to opt for a veneer.

While getting a veneer can be a gamble, the majority of successful veneer treatments outweigh the failures.  The success of your veneer will depend on the provider that you choose. To tell if your provider is experienced, ask them to show you before and after pictures of their cosmetic treatments. Make sure that you specifically ask them if they performed the treatments, because it’s not uncommon for dentists to buy generic before and after pictures to give you an overview of how veneers will change your smile.

Nonetheless, when placed correctly, veneers can last up to 30 years. When it comes to every aspect of your dental health, the doctors at Advanced Dental Center of Florence are dedicated to giving you a beautiful smile that will last a long time. With that being said, we only use the might high-quality materials for our veneers, so that your teeth will look and feel beautiful.

Despite needing to grind away tooth enamel, veneers are the best option for repairing chipped or cracked teeth. It’s a quick process that can be installed in two appointments. Maintaining your veneer is as easy as brushing and flossing regularly, as well as going to the dentist twice a year.

If you’re interested in renovating your smile with veneers, call our office today for a consultation. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.